Design should connect you to experience.


Custom Homes, Designed for Your Life

We design with intention—with a sense of connecting people to their space. That involves getting to know how you live and aligning how you use a home to the natural assets a site offers: light, views, wind, privacy, exposure.

Our design process at Modern Smart Homes captures your lifestyle and capitalizes on nature, architecture, interior design and sustainable materials to deliver an experience that is your very own stage for life’s most fulfilling moments.



Identifying Touchpoints—Defining Your Home

Smart design begins with a discussion of your goals for the home. We take care to create spaces that function practically and operate efficiently. We work as partners—you giving us a vision of what makes a home worth living in, us guiding you through a thoughtful process that begins with a dream and ends with a Modern Smart Home.

  • Engage in open discussion about your goals for interior and exterior
  • Prepare a proposal outlining project steps, phases and fees
  • Program by collecting information about how you use space, how you interact at home, who uses the space and what you imagine your space to be


Merging Nature & Design

Your site is a blank canvas of opportunity, and its assets are what bring your Modern Smart Home alive. We dedicate time and attention to site analysis throughout the design process. We tune into the terrain, views, property orientation and surroundings. How do these features connect with the interior? The process is collaborative with your insight and lifestyle driving the final design. 

  • Thorough site analysis
  • Preliminary design to develop site and house plans
  • Presentation of multiple concepts for review
  • Refining the design to achieve a final, approved floor plan, interior/exterior sketches and site plan


Realizing the Vision

We dig into the design, creating detailed plans for every space in the home. Refined sketches and 3-D computer imaging reveal the character. You can view the home as if it were a model, exploring the angles, experiencing the floor plan flow, honing in on finishes and materials. The project comes alive.

  • Design development to provide detailed architectural plans
  • Specifying interior design features, including surfaces, textures, fixtures and furniture
  • Construction drawings are created for required permitting, bidding and construction. We work with you on any contract negotiations and reviews.


Building Your Modern Smart Home


We’re in this together. Through the entire construction process, our team acts as your agent to ensure that the design is built to specifications. We can serve as the general contractor, taking your Modern Smart Home from conception to completion—or you can enlist in a builder of your choice.

  • Preparation of permitting documents, including participating in the design board review process
  • Serve as general contractor or partner with builder to construct your Modern Smart Home

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